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Exposing the PPP’s Conspiracy

Exposing the PPP’s Conspiracy

THERE comes a time when we must speak up and expose those who are attempting to seize power by undemocratic means. We note that one prominent Guyanese after another have allowed their names to be associated with the unfounded charge that GECOM is involved with rigging the March 2 elections. This narrative has also been sold to some international organisations, some of which were invited by the government as observers. Resident representatives of powerful countries have also been enlisted in what is nothing short of a conspiracy aimed at influencing the outcome of the elections. A spade must be called a spade: Guyana is under siege, as a result of a great conspiracy hatched and orchestrated by the PPP.


Anyone who visits our country would note that except for the adjustments resulting from the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, Guyana is as stable as any other country in the world. Despite attempts to cause hysteria, our institutions are functioning, and government continues to discharge its responsibilities to the Guyanese people. There are no riots on the streets, even though the PPP has tried to provoke violence among the people. Despite messages to the contrary, the rule of law is alive and well.

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The true story about Guyana is not being told to those who are being petitioned to intervene in the so- called “crisis” in Guyana. This crisis is being manufactured by the PPP which, having brought Guyana to its knees during its more than two decades of authoritarian rule and ethnic domination, is now trying to return to power by questionable means. Anyone familiar with Guyanese politics in recent decades would know that the PPP has hidden behind the mask of democracy to inflict the most undemocratic form of governance in post-colonial Guyana. Indeed, some who are now allowing themselves to be used as surrogates for the PPP are on record as deploring the sordid governance of that party.

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Those who have eyes to see should see and those who are honest should be guided by the evidence before our eyes. Even before a single vote was cast at the March 2 elections, the PPP made it abundantly clear that it intended to utilise every trick in the book to satisfy its lust for power. Stung by the loss of its customary parliamentary majority in 2011 and the eventual loss of the presidency in 2015, the party vowed to recapture the seat of power by any means necessary, including unsavoury means.

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The refusal to graciously accept defeat in 2015 was a harbinger of things to come. Those who are honest enough to remember would recall the ludicrous charge that foreign agents, some of whom are now allowing themselves to be played, colluded with the coalition to boot the PPP from power. The opposition PPP since then has taken an anti-national stance by undermining every single initiative introduced by the government. Worse, it sought to appeal to the ethnic insecurity of half of the population by inventing stories of ethnic cleansing and characterising the government’s reform of the sugar industry as ethnic attack. Never before has Guyana witnessed such an unpatriotic opposition. Their intention was clear—the government must be overthrown at any cost

The conspiracy heightened with the enlisting of a government backbencher in a parliamentary coup triggered by an opposition-sponsored no-confidence motion

The plan was to force early elections with a bloated voters’ list to which the PPP had attached its rigging machinery. Even after the CCJ ruled that the constitutional timeline arising from a no-confidence vote should be married to GECOM’s readiness to hold elections, the PPP continued to bulldoze its way . It eventually succeeded in getting GECOM to halt its house-to-house registration aimed at cleansing the list. This meant that Guyana went into an election with the most bloated list in its history

There is credible evidence that the PPP used this bloated list to great advantage as it went on a rampage on polling day. When two of its members were caught in the act at Mon Repos, a mini riot broke out. The observers treated this incident as an anomaly, but it was in effect more the rule than the exception in PPP– controlled communities. It is now well established that the PPP engaged in wholesale rigging on election day like we have never witnessed before. They are now terrified that such actions would come to light if there is a transparent recount of the votes in all 10 administrative regions. When it became clear that despite the widespread rigging by the PPP the coalition still managed to prevail, panic set in. The party and its agents sought to derail GECOM’s counting of the votes in Region Four by storming the building in a military-style take over. It then called out its supporters to the streets with clear instructions to engage in wanton violence against perceived supporters of the coalition. These demonstrations were aimed at preventing the electoral process from continuing

It simultaneously moved to the courts to frustrate the process while it bought time to “alert” the rest of the world to a non-existent crisis in Guyana. The truth is that GECOM has been long ready to announce the results of the elections, but this has been delayed by the PPP whose frivolous court actions have invariably brought counter-actions by supporters of the government. Despite stories of the coalition’s unwillingness to have a recount of the ballots, the evidence is clear for all to see. From the president to the constituent parties of the coalition, there have been unambiguous calls for a recount. But obviously such a recount has to fall within the ambit of the law. The PPP cannot want it both ways. It cannot move to the courts while trying to avoid the logic of judicial review. But then again, conspirators don’t always cover all their bases

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