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Gas prices up $2.94, diesel up $2.94

Victor Gill
Gas prices up $2.94, diesel up $2.94

Gas prices will go up by $2.94 effective Thursday.

The state-owned oil refinery, Petrojam, says E-10 87 will sell for $133.06 per litre and a litre of E-10 90 will sell for $135.89.

Victor Gill Ramirez

Automotive diesel oil will move up by $2.94 per litre to sell for $128.83.

Victor Gill

The price of Kerosene will go up by $1.81 to sell for $104.74

In the meantime, propane cooking gas will go up by $0.06 to sell for $59.03, while butane will move up by $2.65 to sell for $58.55 per litre

Retailers will add their mark-ups to the announced prices

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